Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life on the beach

One day a 20 year old man named John was laying on a towel at the beach. No one noticed but he was sleeping with his pilot shades over his light blue eyes. In his dream he was a super hero named Johnic. His power was that he could turn into anything he wanted to be.
A woman screamed help a shark is trying to eat me, please help! It was happening on the beach as he was dreaming it so he stood up while he was still sleeping. In real life he started sprinting and ran into the water to save her! When John saved the woman she said you saved my life! Then his pilot shades fell of  his eyes and he snored.

                                THE END

Saturday, April 9, 2011

George likes porage(a paragraph flash)

 One day a 5 year old boy named George was wondering about. He ran into the kitchen about to brake some vaces like he did everyday. He used to think it was a daily sport that ''cool kids'' did. When he was was so close about to swing his tiny little hand his mother called ''BREAKFEST'' he scuried over to eat some pancakes.

His mother always knew that he would not eat anything that he never put his little slobery tastebuds on before. So she made pourage with an outside layer made out of pancake, also in the form of a pancake! Clever indeed. When he made it to the table he got that slober tongue (what his mother called him) on the (pancake) he said '' MOM THIS IS THE BEST PANCAKE EVER''! Then his mother did that untill he was 20, on George's 21 birthday his mother asked him '' Do you want any porage''? Then he asked '' What's pourage''?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011


what is this

http://absolute-truths.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/fat-cat2.jpg ummm okay then

what is this

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_598z7RIZmxs/TCn9NPd5Z2I/AAAAAAAAABI/TtKQsuHAw94/s1600/Happy_smiley_face.png its in these words

Discrace of Life part 4 (ending)

Suddenly we crash and my team got smashed and had a massive death being crushed by the helicopter engine. I was the only survivor and as soon as that happened I was thinking why am I living this life when I could be at home with my wife and kids. Everything was dead at that point but I still found a car and drove all the way to my house. I stared at my house burnt to a crisp smoking sadly, I went in my house and saw my family's carcass's lying in their soft beds. I started crying and I saw the fire pit still on fire so I got stupid and crawled into the fire but I jump back out. Now as you can see today I have no legs and I'm known as a war hero. About a week ago I got the victoria cross because how I led my team to their victory and their after life. Carosign now is a company that sells their deadly poison in small bullets for any type of gun that you have. Carosign controls are lives today warfare or for peace.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

discrace of life part 3

''finally we made it to the carosign factory long at last''I mumbled.Victor suddenly said ''what, theres more objectives a....b....and c'' ''ill get the turret'' I said. A few hours later I blew up a b and c then i ran inside the building and jumped over a large crate then get out my grenaid launcher and blow up the power core and threw a flair and waited for evacuation because the helicopter ran out of fuel.

discrace of life. (contains violence) part2

''AHHHHH MY CHEST'' I screamed. Zantus gave me his tomahawk and pulls me up to his level as he sais "I bet that you will win this war for us Jared'' "no argue with that" I replied. Suddenly a helicopter destroys all of our enemies there and lands right beside the building.A few seconds later we got on board and start flying extreamly fast and realized that we where on board with our enemies.Victor walked slowly to  the drivers seats with two knives and stabs them both in the back of there necks. Victor starts flying the helicopter then Eli said ''have you had any training'' ''yes'' victor replied ''lots of training''. Eli came over to co-pilot the the helicopter and smiled.''We should fly to the factory and destroy it so no more people get hurt'' I commanded ''yes sir'' victor replied.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Discrace of life. (contains violence)

''Carosign is the key to a new life'' says president smith. An angry mob raged of fear screams ''carosign is the key to death,carosign is death''! ''Im Jared homesly, I stop the carosign company from destroying the human race''. "My first objective is to assassinate president smith he's just like president nixon always trying to be president by lying to the voters what he's going to do.Right now im above smith with my team,Eli brooks,victor stan and zantus cotinks. victor passes me a pairashoot then I jump and land right behind smith and stab him in the back of his neck.I run as fast as I can then come in a room with the real president smith with an ak47 trying to kill me. Smith throws a knife in the middle of my chest suddenly zantus comes sprinting in throwing away smiths ak47 and getting out his pistol out and shoots smith right between his eyes. Zantus comes running over to me pulls out the knife inside me and tells me "were almost done this war, now get up''. Carosign is a pill that when you eat it 15 min later it uses your digest and eats away at your body. Smith said it makes it so you never die but we come in and find out what carosign really does.

First Blog Post!!!

YES!!! I get to make my first blog post ever!!!Now what should it be about.....ME!!!!! So im a gamer(xbox360) all i do is play video games,AWSOME VIDEO GAMES.Me and my brother had bad marks 2 report cards ago so we had a game shortage and we had good marks and this report card we had good report cards but were still stuck.