Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life on the beach

One day a 20 year old man named John was laying on a towel at the beach. No one noticed but he was sleeping with his pilot shades over his light blue eyes. In his dream he was a super hero named Johnic. His power was that he could turn into anything he wanted to be.
A woman screamed help a shark is trying to eat me, please help! It was happening on the beach as he was dreaming it so he stood up while he was still sleeping. In real life he started sprinting and ran into the water to save her! When John saved the woman she said you saved my life! Then his pilot shades fell of  his eyes and he snored.

                                THE END


  1. "pilot shades over his light blue eyes." Are you kidding me? I can't believe your phrasing, Sam. Are you sure you're 10 and not a 40 year old in a really cute wee body? Your spelling is better, too. High-fives, Sam! Well done! Love, Mom

  2. Love the ending. Gotta love a twist!


  3. Johnic. I love that. What a great name for a super hero. Great job again, Sam.