Saturday, February 5, 2011

Discrace of life. (contains violence)

''Carosign is the key to a new life'' says president smith. An angry mob raged of fear screams ''carosign is the key to death,carosign is death''! ''Im Jared homesly, I stop the carosign company from destroying the human race''. "My first objective is to assassinate president smith he's just like president nixon always trying to be president by lying to the voters what he's going to do.Right now im above smith with my team,Eli brooks,victor stan and zantus cotinks. victor passes me a pairashoot then I jump and land right behind smith and stab him in the back of his neck.I run as fast as I can then come in a room with the real president smith with an ak47 trying to kill me. Smith throws a knife in the middle of my chest suddenly zantus comes sprinting in throwing away smiths ak47 and getting out his pistol out and shoots smith right between his eyes. Zantus comes running over to me pulls out the knife inside me and tells me "were almost done this war, now get up''. Carosign is a pill that when you eat it 15 min later it uses your digest and eats away at your body. Smith said it makes it so you never die but we come in and find out what carosign really does.


  1. That was a really exciting story, Sam. Very futuristic and terribly scary. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories!