Sunday, February 6, 2011

discrace of life. (contains violence) part2

''AHHHHH MY CHEST'' I screamed. Zantus gave me his tomahawk and pulls me up to his level as he sais "I bet that you will win this war for us Jared'' "no argue with that" I replied. Suddenly a helicopter destroys all of our enemies there and lands right beside the building.A few seconds later we got on board and start flying extreamly fast and realized that we where on board with our enemies.Victor walked slowly to  the drivers seats with two knives and stabs them both in the back of there necks. Victor starts flying the helicopter then Eli said ''have you had any training'' ''yes'' victor replied ''lots of training''. Eli came over to co-pilot the the helicopter and smiled.''We should fly to the factory and destroy it so no more people get hurt'' I commanded ''yes sir'' victor replied.

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