Sunday, February 20, 2011

Discrace of Life part 4 (ending)

Suddenly we crash and my team got smashed and had a massive death being crushed by the helicopter engine. I was the only survivor and as soon as that happened I was thinking why am I living this life when I could be at home with my wife and kids. Everything was dead at that point but I still found a car and drove all the way to my house. I stared at my house burnt to a crisp smoking sadly, I went in my house and saw my family's carcass's lying in their soft beds. I started crying and I saw the fire pit still on fire so I got stupid and crawled into the fire but I jump back out. Now as you can see today I have no legs and I'm known as a war hero. About a week ago I got the victoria cross because how I led my team to their victory and their after life. Carosign now is a company that sells their deadly poison in small bullets for any type of gun that you have. Carosign controls are lives today warfare or for peace.

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  1. That is such a sad ending! He's got no legs and his family is dead and... sob... very dramatic and well written, Sam. Looking forward to your next story! (Maybe the mother can survive in the next story?)